HTML Introduction - What is HTML, Structure & Versions | Read before Learning

HTML = Hypertext Markup Language

  • It is not a programming language, it is a markup language. 
  • HTML describes the structure of web pages using markup.

So what is a markup language? 

At first, I want to say you that HTML is not a programming language because when I have started learning of HTML then I also think first that HTML is a programming language like C or Java language but it is not. It is a markup language.

Difference between the Markup language and Programming language:

If I say in a single work then programming language uses to make programs and markup language uses for designing or you can say makeup or decoration of web pages. In a programming language you can add two number or subtract or can apply any logic, conditions but in the markup language, you can’t as it is used only to design/decorate web pages.

Example: In a web page any button is created using markup language but when you click on that button and it takes to any other web page then it is made by the programming language.

Basic Code:

I have Edited the Code below and also show the actual look like a web page for better understanding.
There are many tags in an HTML code, every tag lies between angle brackets. One is the opening tag and one is the closing tag. 
<html> --- this is opening tag 
</html>  ---- this is a closing tag (with a forward slash)

Hope you understand the basic code, if not then watch the video tutorials on Your Technical Guide YouTube channel. You can find a playlist of  "Basic HTML in HINDI" there.

HTML Page Structure:

HTML Versions:

HTML Editor you can use:

If you are a Windows user then you can use Notepad and if you are a Mac user then use TextEdit. Just write down the code and save that with .html extension.
If you are looking for some advanced text editors for HTML or other languages then you can use,

  1. Notepad++
  2. The WYSIWYG Editor ( What you see is what you get ).
  3. Aptana Studio 3
  4. Arachnophilia
  5. Bluefish
  6. CoffeeCup
  7. Eclipse
  8. Komodo IDE
  9. NetBeans
  10. NoteTab Light
  11. PSPad
  12. BlueGriffon
You can use any editor from above. All are free and easy to use.