How you can earn by uploading torrent files? How to create a torrent file and upload?

Hello friends, Welcome to Your Technical Guide blog. As you can see above on the title that You can earn easily and quickly using torrent. If you know about torrent then it is very good if not then just Google it or message me on Your Technical Guide FB page as the torrent is now banned in India. So if you want to know about it very clearly then follow Your Technical Guide FB page and message me there.

The Plan is:

  1. Make a file password protected and upload it to the torrent.
  2. Write the password in your blog or website and give the link with the torrent file.
  3. When any user downloads your torrent file then he/she has to come to your website to know the password and to unzip the main file.
  4. Add ads on your website so that you can earn a good money from the huge traffic that will come by this trick.

  • What you have to do to Earn Money using torrent?
You have to create a torrent file first as you can't upload a file directly on the torrent, you have to create a torrent file first then you can upload that with a title and a good description. If you don't know that then just click on the below link and watch the tutorial first on YouTube.

Click Here to Watch the Tutorial

Now you know how to create a torrent file, so let's continue. You can see in the tutorial that there are two files one is the main and the other is the text file named "password" in which there is a link. The main file is password protected and to know the password user should go to your blog/website by following the link that is inside the text file named "password". When you upload the whole ZIP/RAR file to the torrent and any user download that then he/she has to unzip the whole file, then he/she will know that the main file is password protected and he/she has to go to your website to know that password.

  • What type of file you should upload:
Make your own sense that what type of file you should upload so that you can bring a huge traffic to your website in less time. If you want to in details then follow me and message me on Facebook. Here is the Fb page link:

  • How to upload?
Now you have to know in which website you should upload your torrent file. Like YouTube, the torrent has their own community so you have to apply first to upload. I'll make a tutorial video soon that how to apply to be a torrent community member or how to apply to upload files on torrent, but for now, you have to come to Your Technical Guide facebook page so that I can give you the URL in which you can get easy approval and can upload torrent. Here is the Fb page link:

  • Software to make a torrent file:
You can use uTorrent or BitTorrent to create and upload your torrent files. To get the high uploading speed you can use uTorrent pro also at free of cost. Click Here to Download uTorrent Pro.

  • Warning for your safety: 
You have to use a proxy or TorGuard so that your IP can't be traced. I'll make a tutorial for this also but if you want to know this now then ask me on Facebook. If you like this article and if you think that this is helpful for you then do Subscribe Your Technical Guide YouTube channel and follow on social media, all the links are provided below: