How to Get Adsense Full Approval quickly | Convert your Hosted Adsense account to Non-Hosted easily | Best tips 2018 #YourTechnicalGuide

Hello Friends, today in this article I want to share my experience with Google Adsense. If you have a Google Adsense Hosted account and you want to convert it to Non-Hosted means if you want a fully approved Adsense account then this article surely be helpful for you.

If you want to know that how many posts are required to get approval then listen carefully, posts are not playing important roles, the main thing is how much contents are on your blog or website.

What is Contents on your Blog/Website:

Contents mean how much texts, images, videos are on your blog or website. But if you want to Google Adsense approval quickly in fewer posts then for you contents mean only text. I had applied 4 to 5 times for a fully approved Adsense account but my request had been rejected and every time I got a mail from Adsense that there are not enough contents in Your blog. Then I removed all the images and videos from my blog/website and bring more texts on my every post and I applied again and Now you can watch Google Adsense Ads on Your Technical Guide Blog.

Most Important things to Get quick Approval:

Remeber one thing If you created a blog or website today and want full approval within one week or one day then it is not possible. If any youtube channel says you that "Approve for Google Adsense within One Minute or One Day or in 7 Days" then just go out from his/her channel because it is not possible. If you read the term and condition to get approval then you can see that your blog must one month old to get approval and there should be good contents on your blog or website.

You can see that I got approval for 20 posts only on my blog and if you want to know that how much contents are on my blog posts then you can see my 1st 20 posts.

My Tips to Get quick Approval (within 1 Month):

Now you know that your blog should be at least one month old to get Adsense approval so you have one month to write posts on your blog, and this is enough time for you. Just give daily one hour to research and write posts on your blog. Don't include too many images or videos now, after Adsense approval, you can add images and videos on your blog post.

  • Daily write one post and give yourself daily 1 hour to write a blog post properly.
  • Don't take too many images or videos on your blog post.
  • Every post should contain 5000 words.
  • Choose a blog template as simple or responsive as possible.
  • Do SEO properly for your blog or website.
  • Submit your website/blog sitemap to Google and Bing.
  • Buy a root domain or you can use a free domain also.

If you want to know from where you can get a free domain name for your blog or website for 12 months then  Read  or  Watch_Tutorial.

Warning:  Never Copy contents from other blog or website.

Do these things properly and after one month submit for Adsense approval. Surely you will get approved and get a Non-Hosted Adsense Account. If you like this article subscribe to our website and also check our YouTube channel. CLICK HERE.

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