How to Display Any Blogger Widget On Mobile ??

Hey Friends ! Today you will learn How to Display any Blogger Widget on Mobile.We know that there are many widgets for our blog like Popular posts,Recent posts,About me etc.These all are visible in our computer/laptop.But when we open our blog in mobile then we can see there is no widget.Therefore, today I will learn you  how to display any blogger widget on mobile.

To know the steps of how to diaplay any widget on mobile please follow the instructions below :

Steps to Display Any Blogger Widget On Mobile :  

>First of all go to and login with your desired email address.

>After opening click on Layout and select which widget you want to show on mobile.

>Then open the HTML/JavaScript and from the link address you can know your desired widget id.

>Remember this widget id.

>Now click on Theme and go to Edit HTML section.

>Click on Jump to widget and choose your desired widget id (which you have remembered)

>In the HTML code of your widget add mobile='yes' after 'false' and then write 'true' in place of 'false'.

>Now Save theme and check on your mobile .But you will see that the widget is not showing on your mobile version.
To show the widget now do this :

>Click on Theme.

>Here you can see two faces- Live on Blog and Mobile.

>Click on Mobile seetings icon (See image)

>In the section of Choose mobile theme change the Default theme to Custom and Save it.(See image)

Now check on your mobile .You will see your desired widget in mobile version also.

That's the proces.I hope you will understand this process very well.I hope you will like this article ans share it with your beloved ones.If you have any query please commet below and Follow us.Meet you again in next article.

Thank you.