How to Bring back viewers to Your Website/Blog Again and Again | Best Tips 2018 to Get More Traffic on Your Blog/Website #YourTechnicalGuide

Hello Friends, welcome to Your Technical Guide. Today You will learn the most effective trick to bring back your viewers to your website, again and again, means to back your old viewers again. This is very important for every blogger or website owner because by this method when you publish a new article or post on your blog or website then you blog/website subscribers will get a notification and there is a higher chance that they will come back to your website/blog if your article has good contents.

The trick is to bring a "Subscribe" option on Your blog/website so that viewers can subscribe to your blog/website by their email.

If any visitor to your website subscribes to your website with his/her email then he/she will get an instant notification when you publish a new post/article to your website.

So, let's begin now you will learn the full method to bring an awesome subscribe template to your blog or website, if you want to know how it will look like then you already seen that when you enter on Your Technical Guide website for the first time, and if you want to know how to do this in a better or simple way then you can check the tutorial video on YouTube, link is below.

Click Here to Check Tutorial on YouTube

Full Process Step by Step:

  • At first go to GetSiteControl website and Signup there using your email id.
  • After that Provide your name and your website/blog URL, choose password and join.
  • Next step is, Copy the provided html code and paste that to your website/blog code as directed. [ Before </body> tag ]
  • If you using blogger platform then go to the Theme option and Edit HTML, inside the code find for </body> by pressing CTRL+F and enter.
  • Just paste the code and Save.
  • Now Check Code and Done. ( Sometimes it gives error and says that your code is not installed properly or we can't find your website. If you doing everything right then don't worry, just skip the step and go to dashboard ).
  • You are now inside the Dasebord.
  • Select the Subscribe option and design-how you want to bring subscribe pop up on your website at the time of opening.
  • You can choose color of the pop up Subscribe option also and can select the pop up position also.
  • Just activate it and Done!!
  • Now Check your website/blog :)

If you like this trick then please check our YouTube Channel also and if you like then Subscribe also. Here is the Link.. Click Here

See You Soon on My Next Post :-)