How To Add Background Music In Blogger ?? OR How To Add Autoplay Feature In Blogger??

Hello Viewers, today you will learn how to add background music in blogger.In my previous article, i have told you about how to add an audio or mp3 in blogger post.

Why we use background music in blogger? when we want to give some podcasts to our visitors like welcome message or thanks for visiting. Or we want to add some background light music which play automatically. You can easily do this.

To know the process of how to add Background Music in your Blogger please follow the instruction below carefully.

Steps to add Background music in blogger : 

>1.First of all, go to and create your account by signning up with your google account.

>2.After that upload mp3 which you want to play as a background music in your blog.

>3.Once the upload is complete,then click on the share button .

>4.After clicking the share button,you can find 'Embed' tab.Click on this and copy the link.

>5.Now open Notepad and paste the link.Then you have to edit the link.

>6.In this link,in place of  'height=460 or 500 or any number' you have to change the number by providing 0 and then write true after auto_play ,in place of false.Then copy the link.

>7.Now go to with your desired google account.

>8.Then click on 'Layout' and click on 'add a gadget/widget'.

>9.After that choose HTML and paste the code here.

>10.Then click on Save.

>11.Now view your blog and enjoy the background music.

That's all .So now you know how to add background music in blogger.I hope you will like it.
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