How To Add An Audio Or Mp3 In Your Blogger Post And Earn Money?

Hello Viewers, today you will learn how to add an audio or mp3 in your blogger post. By adding audios or mp3 in your blogpost and publishing them, you can earn money also.The method is very easy and you can easily do this by yourself.To know the process of how to add audio or mp3 in blogpost read the following instructions carefully.

Step by step process : 

  • 1.At first, go to and login with your Gmail account.
  • 2.After that create a classic site providing your site name (whatever you want,exp-mp3,music,audio etc) and then a site location or url.
  • 3.After creating a site you have to create a new blank page.
  • 4.To create a blank page you should give a page name and after that choose 'File Cabinet' in section 'Select a template to use' and create the page.
  • 5.After that click on 'Add File' and upload your audio or mp3 here .
  • 6.Once the upload is complete ,you will show Download button below the file,do right click on this and Copy Link Address.
  • 7.Now open your profile and open your post where you want to mp3 file.
  • 8.Now click HTML and paste the code below:   <audio controls><source src="Your Copy Link Address" /></audio>
  • 9.Now publish your post.
That's it.I hope you will like it.By this process I mean uploading your audio in your blog you can also earn money by adding advertise on your blogger post.
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