Should You buy a custom domain while starting blogging ?

Should You buy a custom domain while starting blogging or learning website designing? What is Custom Domain and the benefits of it ?

According to me the answer is 'No'. If you are a beginner in blogging field or you are just learning website designing then there is no need to buy a domain. There are many websites from where you can get free domain name for your blog or for your website. Example of this types of domain names are (e.g,, etc.) , You can easily get this types of domain names at free of cost for 12 months and if your blog getting popular during this period then you can buy this domain also from that website and trust me you can buy this domain less cheaper then domain names with .com, .in, .org etc. A popular website from where you can get your free domain name for 12 months is ( Freenom world is a fast and anonymous Public DNS resolver ).
But if you had experience with blogging and you want popularity and if you are looking forward to creating a career in blogging and want to earn, in that case this is a huge mistake. Self -hosted blogs are best options for those who are looking to become professional blogger.

When you sign up for blogger or you get a domain name like,
And if you are using free domain name then you get a domain name like,
  •  etc.

But for professional blogs, these kinds of domains are bad.

Many bloggers who blog using a free blogging platform usually don’t like to invest in a custom domain. They keep on blogging for years on the same sub-domain. They feel they can always change to a custom domain when they’re getting more traffic. But that’s not always true. In most of the case do you know what happens? When there blog getting more traffic they think that if they change their domain name means if they set a custom domain with .com or .in etc. they lost many traffic and they have to start from the beginning. And it is totally true, if your blog or website getting popular and getting more traffic day by day then you never can't change your sub-domain name, if you do so then you have to face a big loss. So if you don't want to face that situation and want to start your blogger career then you should buy a top-level root domain name ( TLD ) . 

Problems without custom doman name?

  1. If you’re blogging for a year and can drive lots of traffic, then your blog will have built up some domain authority. But when you switch to a custom domain, you will lose all of that DA, and you’ll have to start from the beginning. Even though you can maintain your rank in SERPs, your DA will go back to 0, means you have to start again from zero and facing a big loss in your daily earning.
  2. When you search for your blog in search engines, your new address won’t be visible for a while. It takes time for Google to pass on the link juice (after a 301 redirection) from an old sub-domain to your new root TLD.
  3. You will need to submit a sitemap to all search engines again.
  4. You’ll need to update your blog’s address on all social media profiles
  5. When you shift from a sub-domain to a custom domain, you need to re-brand and re-market this new domain name. Because if you not give a notice or declare few week ago before changing you sub-domain to a custom domain, may be most of your blog/ website visitor can't find your blog/ website and as a result your traffic will go down.

  • If you already do the mistakes, then here are two tips to getting out from this situation and gain high traffic again.
  • Don't change your sub-domain. Most of the website provide sub-domains at free of cost for 12 months only and after that they charged you. So if your website or blog is getting popular during this 12 months duration then don't change the sub-domain. after 12 months just renew it because you can earn much more using this sub-domain.
  • If you already take decision to change your sub-domain into a custom domain then before changing the sub-domain give a notice on your blog or website that after this date the new address of your website or blog will be etc.
  • If you already changed your sub-domain to a custom domain and for that your traffic is getting down then give advertisement on social media sites and also if possible on Google Adwords. For publishing and getting more traffic you can use or any other question-answer website as in this website you can find many question regarding a type of website what already you have. So answer that questions and give them the link of your website, as example if you provide pdf on your website and in quora any one find that pdf then you can give him/her the link of your website page so that he/she can get that pdf and you can get traffic. 

Benefits Of Having A Custom Domain Name:

  1. You have better exposure in search engines. Search engines (especially Google) prefer to link to root domains rather than or domains or other sub-domains. (Notes: .tk / .ml this type of domains are not root domains ). If you want to know about root domains then Click Here .
  2. You can also increase your chances of getting approval for your AdSense account. If you created your adsense account using Admob or YouTube or Blogger then your Adsense account is Hosted account and a hosted adsense account can't publish ads on websites or blogger platform, so in that case if you want to convert your Google AdSense account from Hosted to Non-Hosted Adsense account then you have to use a root domain as .com / .in etc.
  3. Root level domains are a lot more trustworthy in the eyes of users. If you are trying to make money blogging, you’ll have a much easier time with a custom domain than you would with a free sub-domain.
  4. You can have a contact email like rather than a Gmail or Yahoo email. Though for this email id you have to pay a lil.
  5. You can publicize your domain name with ease rather than having to say a long name.
The most important point is that you will have a brand name from day one. so if you want to turn blogging into your profession then purchasing a custom domain is very much important from day 1.
 What I'm writting in this blog is from my own experience. I made this mistakes already what I described before, so I can say that if you want blogging into your profession or you want to earn money from your blog or website then you must buy a custom domain. Because it is true that you can earn from your blog or website by various of Ads network as PropellerAds or PopAds or  ReveneuHits . But you can't earn that much what you can earn using Google Adsense platform. And from my personal experience I can say that if you have not a root domain address then it is difficult to get approval from adsense.