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Hello viewers, Thank You again for visiting our site. In this Blog, I'll tell you some tips to start earning with learning. Yes, after reading this article you will surely find the path to earn from online and you will learn something new that will grow your interest in website development. So let's begin.

Make a Movie Website with blogger and Earn Huge:

By making a movie website using blogger free hosting you can start your earning by investing your little bit of time only. You can link YouTube videos/movies with your blog from where a visitor can download or watch the movie online. You can understand this idea better after visiting one of my website which I made for only education purpose, the URL is  Visit this website to understand better what I'm trying to say. If you are a You Tuber then you can add your youtube videos also by making this kind of website and can earn extra from various ad network as Google Adsense, PropellerAds, RevenueHits, PopAds. If you want to learn more about this ad networks and want to learn how to bring ads on your website or blog then you can comment me below or you can Google it or follow me on YouTube by subscribing Your Technical Guide. I'm not advising you for a porn website or a website that keeps only copyrighted content illegally because it is not good and by this way, of course, you can earn much but not for long period. I'm giving you the idea now use your brain and invent more path of learning but in a legal way and comment below also for helping those who also want earning while learning. Watch the tutorial video on YouTube by clicking on the below link to learn how to make this type of website at free of cost within a few minutes.

Click to Watch the Tutorial Video on YouTube

How to Make?
1st you have to make a free blogger account. If you don't know how to create a free blogger account then you can watch this video Tutorial. After that, you have to create a blog as I'm creating this using the blog name BollyKing. Then go to "Theme" option and click on "Backup/Restore". Then upload the XML file which I provide on the download section of this website. Edit the website as you want and save the arrangement. Post movies from youtube or other websites and this will not be illegal as the file is uploaded on the server of owner account. You just publish or share their contains. And by doing this you can earn also by placing ads on your website (means blog). If you don't know how to place ad codes on your blog/website then you can comment below or you can comment on my youtube channel also. Hope this article is being helpful for all of you.
I got earning from PropellerAds and RevenueHits by this trick. Use this trick and Enjoy your earning.

There are lots of earning tips by using a free website which I'll provide to you soon.